Speaking at the Yale Hindi Debate, 2014.I’m a reporter American Lawyer Media and the New York Law Journal, where I cover the business of law — finances, management, the competition for talent and other aspects of the legal industry. Email me at jnewsham@alm.com.

I previously worked at at Law360, pounding out daily news about New York’s big industries: securities, banking and white-collar crime. Before that, I wrote for the Boston Globe, the Sacramento Bee, and the American Prospect. I have also freelanced, with contribuitions to the New York Times and Poynter.

My interests include media, law, international reporting and investigations. I like reporting with impact.

I speak French well (5.5 years of study), but it’s a bit rusty. In my spare time, I study Spanish.

I studied economics at Yale and have since learned a lot about federal securities and banking laws. My real skills are in writing and editing, however, and I’m happy to discuss freelance opportunities.

Here is my Twitter and here is my LinkedIn. My personal email is here, but if you work in PR or have a pitch, please contact me at my ALM email above.

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